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Transform your outdoor space into personalized masterpieces to enjoy year-round.

Blue Ribbon specializes in enhancing and sustaining your outdoor spaces for year-round enjoyment. Our services encompass Enhancement Projects such as patio installation, tree management, smart lighting, and more. With expert irrigation services, we ensure landscapes thrive through precision installations, inspections, and maintenance. Elevate your lawn’s beauty with our specialized fertilization services, presenting a proprietary 6-step program for a lush, resilient masterpiece from root to tip.

Enhancement Projects

At Blue Ribbon we make backyard dreams come true. Whether it’s a stylish patio, vibrant garden, or a cozy retreat, we enhance your outdoor space to match your vision. Let’s create something beautiful together.

Services Include:

  • Patio installation
  • Tree installation and removal
  • Decks and pergolas
  • Outdoor kitchens and living rooms
  • Patios and walkways
  • Landscape lighting
  • Mulch and bed enhancements
  • Seasonal color rotations

Irrigation Services

We’re dedicated to keeping your landscape thriving with our expert irrigation services. From precision sprinkler system installations to efficient maintenance and water management, we ensure your green spaces stay beautiful and healthy. Let us handle the watering, so you can enjoy a vibrant, worry-free landscape year-round. 

Services Include:

  • Installation
  • Monthly inspection
  • Spring opening and startup
  • Winterization
  • Backflow inspections
  • Repair services
  • System/Controller Upgrade

Lawn Care & Fertilization

We specialize in feeding your lawn the nutrients it craves for lush, green perfection. Our tailored fertilization services go beyond the basics, offering a customized blend of nutrients to suit your lawn’s unique needs. From root to tip, we ensure your grass gets the nourishment it deserves, promoting not just growth, but strength and resilience. 

Services include:

  • Proprietary 6 step program
  • Ornamental Treatment Program
  • Landscape Weed Prevention
  • Bagworm Control
  • Tree Injection
  • Lawn aeration and overseeding

Our Enhancement work


At Blue Ribbon Outdoor we pride ourselves on being able to offer timeless, unique and gorgeous outdoor environments to the residents and businesses we serve. Your property should reflect all the beauty and taste that guides your life. Start living better by living in a better outdoors.

  • Premium Residential and Commercial Services

    Premium Residential and Commercial Services

  • Personalized, white glove service backed by unmatched expertise

    Personalized, white glove service backed by unmatched expertise

  • Beautiful and lasting outdoor spaces

    Beautiful and lasting outdoor spaces

  • Easy to do business with

    Easy to do business with